Any account information provided by us is bound by a limitation preventing the alteration of the “Username”.

Feel free to modify the email address and password for your account at any time, without any restrictions on the number of changes.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any subsequent reselling of accounts purchased from us.

To facilitate online payments, we utilize third-party payment gateways. Any issues that may arise during the payment process should be addressed directly with the payment provider. Our responsibility extends solely to errors originating from our side, and the delivery of your product will be initiated only upon confirmation of payment, regardless of whether it’s through manual or automatic delivery systems.

By acknowledging these terms and conditions, individuals acknowledge that physical delivery is not applicable, as the product consists of virtual items. They express their satisfaction with the purchased product and understand that chargebacks may not be possible in the foreseeable future. Should any issues arise with the account details, please reach out to us through our live chat.

Different payment systems may have specific tax regulations based on the transaction fees. The rates stated with the product do not include taxes. All products are subject to taxation in accordance with Indian rules and regulations. Additionally, the gateway provider may apply certain transaction fees or currency conversion charges.

Any legal matters should be appropriately addressed in accordance with the legal system of India.

The account will be provided once the payment process is successfully completed, indicated by the confirmation of payment acceptance received via email or visible in the order history.

Once payment has been made, refunds are not available under any circumstances, and if any games are played on the account, refund or replacement requests for the ordered account will not be entertained.

The buyer has a maximum of 12 hours to request an account replacement (with no changes made to the account information) if the purchased account does not include the promised rank/items at the time of purchase.

The cardholder assumes full responsibility for the security of their card, and our company will not be held liable for any losses incurred due to unauthorized transactions. Additionally, please be aware that the warranty does not apply if you have used the provided account, even for mere checking purposes.

Refunds will not be issued in the event of a Vac ban, account lock, or account suspension.

Once the product is purchased, refunds and chargebacks are strictly prohibited and will not be entertained. Any disputes raised by customers after 12 hours of product delivery will not be considered, and we will not be held responsible for refunding or providing compensation for chargebacks. Prior to making a purchase, it is crucial to ensure complete understanding of the product, as refunds or replacements will not be permitted once the purchase is completed.

To prevent potential misuse of our refund policy, we reserve the right to refuse refunds in cases where suspicious activities, such as immediate refund requests without any account usage, are detected. This clause is intended to safeguard against fraudulent practices and does not create any legal obligations for us to provide refunds in such instances.

By purchasing our products, the buyer acknowledges and accepts that we reserve the right to decline refund requests for any reason deemed appropriate by us. This includes situations where suspicious activities are detected or where the refund request is made in violation of our terms and conditions.

Furthermore, in the event that we uncover evidence suggesting that refund misuse has been initiated by our competitors or similar business owners, whether directly or indirectly, we reserve the right to hold them accountable for any resulting damages incurred. This provision serves to deter any acts of harassment, time wasting, or other detrimental activities that may be detrimental to our business operations.

Additionally, if it is determined that refund misuse has occurred, the standard refund policy terms, including the 12-hour refund window, will not apply on a suspicious basis. In such cases, we retain the right to take appropriate action and refuse any refunds associated with the suspicious activity.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the buyer agrees that our determination in such matters is final and binding. They explicitly acknowledge that they are waiving their right to seek legal recourse through any consumer forum, courts, or similar legal entities in relation to disputes arising from the refund policy and its implementation.